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Stop pigeons from nesting on your property with help from Gaze A Glaze.

Pigeon deterrent and control in London

Pigeons are the most common nuisance bird species in London, cause damage to buildings and can spread disease. At Gaze A Glaze we specialise in pigeon proofing and offer the following services:

  • Assessment - a survey of the location to determine where and how the pigeons are getting into or onto the property, whether there is something attracting them and the best solutions to deter them.
  • Access - assessing which is the safest form of access - whether to use ladders, MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) or rope access to pigeon proof the area.
  • Cleaning - before we install pigeon proofing we will clean the affected area and remove all mess to restore the appearance of the building and ensure the fixing points last.
  • Proofing - installation of nets and/or spikes to prevent the birds from landing on the property

Proofing Options

  • Bird Nets - the most successful way of protecting areas from bird pest problems are bird nets, as long as they are properly installed they provide 100% protection. These are used to cordon off whole areas, eg a light well, and may prove far more cost effective and aesthetically advantageous if these areas have a lot of window sills, ledges, ridges and pipes.
  • Spike Systems - are a good way to stop pigeons perching and nesting on window sills, ledges ridges and pipes.


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If pigeons are being a nuisance contact us and we can ensure these pests don't bother you again.

Professional Cleaners

We also provide a wide range of commercial and residential cleaning services, from windows and gutters to conservatories and driveways.

Deter birds from entering your property with pigeon proofing services from Gaze A Glaze, London.

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